Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia

Biomechanics, Biophysics, Cellular biotechnology, Medical robotics, Nanobiotechnology

Research, technology and life

IBEC is an interdisciplinary research centre focused on bioengineering and nanomedicine, based in Barcelona. Our mission is to conduct high quality research that, while creating knowledge, contributes to a better quality of life, improves health and creates wealth.

Research at IBEC

The institute currently has 16 research groups and 250 researchers and staff from 20 different countries and establishes close links with international research centres, universities, hospitals and industry to exchange talent and develop and execute projects.

IBEC’s groups and their activities are organised into six research programmes: Cellular Biotechnology; Biomechanics and cellular biophysics; Nanobiotechnology; Biomaterials, implants and tissue engineering; Medical signals and instrumentation; Robotics and biomedical imaging

Most representative scientific articles (2005-2009)

Citations RCI Article
79 4,58 Trepat Guixer X., Deng LH., An SS., Navajas Navarro D., Tschumperlin DJ., Gerthoffer WT., et al. Universal physical responses to stretch in the living cell. Nature, 2007; 447:592-+.
60 4,53 Ginebra Molins MP., Traykova T., Planell Estany JA. Calcium phosphate cements as bone drug delivery systems: A review. Journal of Controlled Release, 2006; 113:102-110.
48 2,41 Arimon M., Diez Perez I., Kogan MJ., Durany N., Giralt Lledo E., Sanz Carrasco F., et al. Fine structure study of A beta(1-42) fibrillogenesis with atomic force microscopy. FASEB Journal, 2005; 19:1344-+.

RCI: Relative Citation Impact. Quotient which links publications to the citations of these publications (citations per publication), according to the National Science Indicators (NSI).

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