International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering

Artificial intelligence, Bioengineering, Electromagnetism, Fluid dynamics, New materials, Structure

Solutions in engineering

The main objective of CIMNE is the development and application of numerical methods to solve a wide range of problems in engineering and applied sciences.

Research at CIMNE

The research and technology development (RTD) activities of CIMNE cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from classical engineering fields such as civil, mechanic, environmental, naval, marine and offshore, food, telecommunication and bio-medical engineering, computer sciences and applied sciences such as material sciences bio-medicine, computational physics, nature, social and economic sciences and multimedia sciences, among others.

CIMNE has a vocation for transferring the scientific and technical outputs from RTD projects to the industrial sector. This is effectively carried out in cooperation with companies from different sectors that exploit and market the CIMNE technology. Over the last 27 years, CIMNE has taken part in over 2000 RTD projects in cooperation with some 500 companies, universities and research centers worldwide.

CIMNE – CERCA Conference Poster (28th April 2014)

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