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Pioneer Awards 2017

Scientific research is carried out by researchers in a variety of areas. Those setting out to do a research project usually do so by presenting a doctoral thesis. In these early stages, it is very important that researchers be aware how valuable their results might be, not only in the scientific arena, but also in terms of their commercial or industrial applications. Therefore, within the framework of Research Centres of Catalonia, the CERCA Institute is introducing the Premis PIONER to recognise those researchers who have presented a doctoral thesis with results that are clearly aimed at commercial exploitation.

Published: 11th October 2017
Deadline: 10th November 2017



The awards aim to recognise those researchers working in one of the CERCA centres who, from the publication of Call 2016 (11 Oct 2016) until the publication date of this one, have presented a doctoral thesis through which they propose to initiate or strengthen a technology or product that may have an industrial or commercial application or might even make a significant specific contribution to the development of public policy.
Researchers from a CERCA centre who, from the Call 2016 until the date of publication of this call for applications, have produced a doctoral thesis and obtained a PhD degree and have presented a concrete proposal to apply the results of the thesis that falls within the framework of this call for applications. It is open to researchers from any academic area. Information regarding the Premis PIONER will be available on the CERCA Institute website and distributed to all CERCA centre directors so that it may then be distributed internally among the research groups within their institutions.
The sum of the award will be €1,000 for each beneficiary. There will be granted a minimum of 3 Premis PIONER for 2016. This call for applications is supported by a number of institutions and businesses.
The deadline for the submission of applications is 10 November 2017.
Applications must be submitted by email to: pioner@cerca.cat, to the attention of the director of the CERCA Institute. Each application must include the following documentation:
a) Registration form. It must include identification and electronic contact information (direct email address) of the applicant, to which the CERCA Institute may send any communication relating to this application process.
b) Certification from the relevant CERCA centre director indicating the date of thesis presentation and the name of the Thesis Director, who must be a member of the CERCA centre.
c) A PDF file attached containing the full doctoral thesis.
d) A proposal for the application of the results obtained, focusing on the industrial or commercial interest thereof or how they can influence the development of public policy (maximum 5 pages).
d) If applicable, letters of interest from companies or government bodies that have followed the project.
An expert committee will evaluate the applications submitted, assessing the contribution of each thesis with regard to the objective of the competition, and present a proposal on the distribution of the awards to the director of the CERCA Institute. The names of the experts will be announced when the awards are presented. The evaluation criteria for applications are:
a. Originality (30%)
b. Viability (30%)
c. Expected impact (30%)
d. Estimated time until application (10%)
The director of the CERCA Institute will make a final decision as to who is to receive the Premis PIONER, which will be announced on the CERCA website and communicated directly to all applicants by email before 31 December 2017.
A prize-giving ceremony will be held to present the Premis PIONER to the winners, attended by all the companies and institutions involved in this competition.

For more info:
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