In compliance with the CERCA Code of Conduct, approved in 2018, on 28 May 2019 the I-CERCA Board of Trustees has unanimously appointed Dr Núria Sebastián Gallés ombudsperson for CERCA centres, a post she will occupy along with that of vice-president of the institution.

Sebastián has a PhD in Psychology and is principal investigator for the Speech Acquisition and Perception Research Group at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). As ombudsperson, she will deal with cases of material breach of scientific integrity.

This will be done applying the strictest principles of confidentiality and respect for the persons allegedly involved. Such material cases may involve the revision or retraction of published articles and may lead to disciplinary measures, or they may involve the directors or management of the centre.

The CERCA ombudsperson is an independent, neutral figure with powers to propose non-binding solutions that must be discussed and approved by the governing body of the CERCA centre involved. However, the CERCA Institute may also act ex officio.

The ombudsperson may set up ad hoc consultative committees and ask for advice and coordination from the Government of Catalonia body responsible for resolving issues of scientific integrity.

Office of the CERCA Ombudsperson: ombudsperson @