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The CERCA Institute is a public institution of the Government of Catalonia and its means for supervising, supporting and facilitating the activities of the research centres in the CERCA system. Set up as a foundation, it was created in 2010 to respond to the commitments of the Catalan Agreement on Research and Innovation:

The Government of Catalonia will create the Agency for the Research Centres of Catalonia using existing resources with the purpose of responding to the specific and singular needs that emerge from the structural development, monitoring and funding of Catalan research centres.

The model for the CERCA research centres of Catalonia has developed quantitatively and qualitatively over the last ten years, and has reached levels of scientific excellence in various areas. It is a model characterised by fluid and self-governed management structures, the attraction of talent, and efficiency in obtaining competitive funding founded on scientific activity of the highest degree. Now, the challenge is to continue growing in a rapidly changing context in which numerous opportunities can be found.

Now that the implementation stage of the system for both the centres and the Institute has concluded, we embark on an external assessment of the CERCA model that will identify areas of improvement and contribute to the decision-making process.

Lluís Rovira

Barcelona, 8 March 2011