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KTT area

Due to the need to coordinate efforts among the CERCA centres in the area of knowledge transfer, the CERCA Institute strives to serve as a promotion platform for all the institutes.

Therefore, the CERCA Institute has created the KTT Area, comprising the centres’ knowledge transfer managers, and a programme that includes the creation of a technology portfolio, contacts with investment funds, specific training and a series of talks.

Catalan Technology

The technology portfolio, Catalan Technology, contains up-to-date information about the technologies on which the CERCA centres are working. It is available to investment fund and venture capital members.

Training in innovation and entrepreneurship

The CERCA Institute offers training in innovation and entrepreneurship and fosters the sharing of experiences among project managers. This exchange of information translates into highly effective training at a reduced cost.

Series of talks

As with training, the option of organising conferences or talks is also viewed positively, which are targeted at knowledge transfer professionals or researchers with special interest in this field.

Participation in international Forums

CERCA has participated in the Call for Ideas launched by the European Commission to define the content of the future European Innovation Council.
Position paper of CERCA about IEC.