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Pioneer Awards 2020

Scientific research is carried out by researchers in a variety of areas. Those setting out to do a research project usually do so by presenting a doctoral thesis. In these early stages, it is very important that researchers realise the potential value of their results, not only in the scientific arena, but also in terms of their commercial or industrial applications. Therefore, within the framework of Research Centres of Catalonia, the CERCA Institute is introducing the Premis PIONER awards to recognise those researchers who have presented a doctoral thesis with results that are clearly aimed at commercial exploitation.

The awards aim to recognise those researchers working in one of the CERCA centres who, in the period between the publication date of the 2019 call for applications (11 October, 2019) and this year’s call for applications publication date, have presented a doctoral thesis through which they propose to initiate or improve the development of a technology or product that may have an industrial or commercial application or might even make a significant specific contribution to the development of public policy.

Published: 13 October 2020
Deadline: 13 November 2020

Result of the Jury

Dr. Ferran Nadeu Prat for his Doctoral Thesis “Genomic determinants of chronic lymphocytic leukemia progression: from individual drivers to a heterogeneous genetic makeup”

Dra. Irene Rius Ruiz for her Doctoral Thesis “Redirecció de cèl·lules T com estratègia inmunoterapèutica contra el càncer de mama HER2-positiu”

Dr. Hector Torres Pierna for his Doctoral Thesis “Fast responsive photochromic materials through nanoemulsion entrapments”.

Dra. Marta Malagón Rodríguez for her Doctoral Thesis “Development of new, non-invasive tools based on faecal bacterial signatures for the early detection of colorectal cancer”.

Special mentions:

  • Dr. Ievgenii Liashenko for his Doctoral Thesis “Ultrafast electrohydrodynamic 3D printing with submicrometer resolution”.
  • Dr. Carles Ros Figueras for his Doctoral Thesys “Stable and efficient photoelectrodes for solar fuels production”
  • Dra. Ana Maria Solorzano Soria for her Doctoral Thesys “Fire Detectors Based on Chemical Sensor Arrays and Machine Learning Algorithms: Calibration and Test”

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