CERCA programmes respond to our desire to optimise and support the research centre system. We cover the foundational aspects related to the centres’ organization, economic oversight and supervision, legal aspects and the monitoring of the centres’ activity. But we also lend support to international presence, both individually and collectively; activities linked to the promotion of European policies and participation in international forums; the transfer of knowledge to companies and society; research assessment and impact; and equality policies.


To summarise, the activities of the CERCA Institute primarily focus on the following:

  • Facilitating and fostering the adoption of common policies in research management, scientific development and knowledge transfer, identifying and taking advantage of synergies and economies of scale.
  • Contributing to strengthening cooperation and scientific exchanges with the best centres and universities in the world, fostering interdisciplinary research, coordinated transversal programmes, the mobility of researchers and the recruiting and retaining of talent on an international scale.
  • Increasing and facilitating the transfer of knowledge to the business sector and to society in general, in addition to the support, assessment and fostering of the creation of spin-off companies arising from patents or results.
  • Fostering the involvement and commitment of the financial and business sectors and society in general.
  • Making visible the impact of research and the international presence of the Government of Catalonia’s system of research centres.