The regular assessment of the activity and operation of a system is essential when drawing up and implementing policies based on strategic planning.

In the case of research centres, assessment is a fundamental practice, habitual in the world’s most advanced and renowned systems. International standards are well defined in this respect and assessments are usually carried out by an independent panel of experts of renown.

Following a mandate from the Catalan Parliament and, subsequently, from the Government of Catalonia, the CERCA Institute coordinates the regular assessment of CERCA research centres with the aim of analysing fulfilment of each one’s mission.

The first assessment (2012-2013) generated more than 500 high value-added recommendations that have been progressively implemented in the years following.

The second assessment (2016-2019) ended in 2019, in which the degree of the recommendations’ application was also assessed. In this second CERCA assessment, in addition to the executive report prepared by each assessment committee, an assessment (A, B, C, D) was incorporated based on each centre’s performance. It sought to encourage research activities directly related to the foundational objectives of the centres and the actions needed to promote them. As a result of this incentive programme, seven centres have received extra funding through the In -CERCA call.

CERCA Assessment 2021 – 2023

With a year of delay due to the impact of the global pandemic, the third CERCA assessment is now under way and will end in 2023. In 2021, eleven CERCA centres are scheduled for assessment.

Regulations:CERCA Assessment 2021-2023 Terms and Conditions.