Due to the need to coordinate efforts among the CERCA centres in the area of knowledge transfer, the CERCA Institute strives to serve as a promotion platform for all the institutes.
In this sense, the CERCA Institute created the KTT Section working group, comprising those responsible for research transfer at the centres. The section organises a programme that includes a technology portfolio, contacts with investment funds, specific training, and a series of talks.
Through the KTT Section, the CERCA Institute has supported the centres in the joint acquisition of patent search systems and technology managers. To this end, the joint purchase of access to databases and professional patent search tools has been agreed with more than 20 interested centres.



Since 2016, the CERCA Institute has promoted the Gínjol Patent Fund, a funding programme agreed with the CERCA centres with a view to promoting their knowledge transfer projects with regard to the protection of intellectual and industrial property.

So far, seven rounds of calls have been published, which have ended up financing a portfolio of 60 projects for a total of 594,000 euros.


On the Flintbox platform, the CERCA Institute has collected data from 58 products and 157 spin-off companies from the CERCA centres. It is one of the leading web markets for marketing technologies, especially in the US and Asian markets.

What is the Flintbox platform?
Flintbox is a tool from Wellspring, an expert company in technology transfer, that allows us to organise a catalogue of CERCA centre technologies. In addition, it gives us access to the AIM web market of AUTM (an association of technology transfer professionals), aimed at the American and Asian markets.

We work on the catalogue in collaboration with the centres. We maintain the files of the spin-off companies and those of the projects that have received support from the Gínjol Patent Fund. Each centre’s transfer manager handles the other technologies it may have.


Scientific research is an activity practised by researchers in a variety of areas. Those setting out on a research project usually do so by presenting a doctoral thesis. In these early stages, it is very important that researchers are aware that their results may be very valuable, not only in the scientific arena, but also with a view to commercial or industrial application.

For this reason, the CERCA Institute promotes the PIONEER Awards, dedicated to those researchers who have done a doctoral thesis and have obtained clearly market-oriented results.