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Grants intended to support the production of prototypes and the valorisation and transfer of the results of research carried out in the research centres of Catalonia.


Promote the production of prototypes and the valorisation and transfer of the results of research carried out in the centres that belong to the Research Centres of Catalonia (CERCA) system.


In the call for proposals, applications may be received from and grants awarded to the Catalan research centres that are part of the CERCA system. Valorisation projects can be of an individual or a collaborative nature. For collaboration projects, one of the CERCA centres must act as coordinator and the rest as participants.

Type of projects

Projects eligible for the grant must include structured activities that demonstrate successful proof-of-concept testing, using prototypes, pilot scales, pre-industrial tests, clinical or pre-clinical tests, among others, and which aid in assuaging uncertainty regarding the technical or commercial viability of the technology being developed.

Approved projects must be carried out in a maximum two-year period, starting from the date on which the grant is accepted by the applying entity.

Budget and grant funding

The call’s maximum budget is €1,500,000, with ERDF funding. The total budget is between €200,000 and €800,000 for the duration of the project. Grant funding for each project will cover 50% of the total cost.

Costs subject to subsidies

  • Staffing costs for those directly involved in project activities.
  • Materials and small equipment procurement costs.
  • Travel costs, duly justified.
  • Outsourcing costs for R&D&I services and technological consulting services.
  • General costs resulting directly from the project.


The application, in English and including a form and a technical report (maximum 30 pages), must be presented as electronic media only, with the corresponding signatures.

Payment of the grant will be made once the certified statements of expenditure have been approved and the technical implementation of the project subsidised as well as the impact obtained have been verified. No advance-payment method is foreseen. This call for proposals receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)—as part of the framework of the Operational Programme ‘Catalonia’ for 2007-2013, which comes under the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective—with the stipulations of said Fund as well as the terms and conditions of the call itself.


All applications must be presented by 17 October 2011.

Terms and conditions of the call for proposals:

Guide for applicants

Resolució per la qual es modifiquen les bases reguladores. (03/12/2013)


Resolució definitiva signada amb data 9 de gener de 2012.

Correcció d’errata de la Resolució definitiva (16/01/2012).

Correcció d’errada de la resolució definitiva (20/03/2012).

Conveni d’acceptació.

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