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Annual Reports


Annual Report 2017

Barcelona, June 2018


Annual Report 2016

Barcelona, July 2017

Memoria 2015

Annual Report 2015

Barcelona, July 2016.

Memòria 2014

Annual Report 2014

Barcelona, July 2015.


Annual Report 2013

Barcelona, July 2014.


Annual Report 2012

Barcelona, July 2013.

CERCA Memòria 2011

Annual Report 2011

Barcelona, July 2012

Memoria Activitats 2010

2010 Annual Report

The Activities Report compiles the actions taking during the CERCA Institute’s first six months, starting with its creation in June 2010. In addition to the monitoring and support if offered to the centres, new actions were added, despite it being in the beginning stages, which laid the foundation for the future activities of the institute.

Barcelona, July 2011



CERCA. Research Centres of Catalonia

Monograph published by the Directorate General for Research which gave a retrospective on the policies of the Government centres and presented updated data on the system.

Barcelona, April 2010


Research Centres in Catalonia

Issue 4 of the Temes de Recerca i Innovació [Themes in Research and Innovation] collection.

This publication is dedicated to the research centres promoted by the Government of Catalonia over the last few years, a figure which lately has progressed extraordinarily and which represents one of the most noteworthy changes in our science and technology system, especially for the fame it has brought Catalonia.

Barcelona, 17 July 2007


Executive summary 2013

Assessment Report on CERCA Research Centres 2012 - 2013

Executive summary.