Bias in recruitment

Women’s occupancy of high-level posts in science is not proportional to the number of women qualified to do so, and the number of women in leadership positions is stagnant or increasing very slowly.

Increasing women’s role in the system is an objective shared by numerous scientific institutions in Europe. In Spain and Catalonia a legal framework has been established that reflects the recommendations made in Europe and the USA.

The CERCA Institute has been closely involved in this regard, taking measures to foster the introduction of the gender perspective in research centres of excellence in Catalonia. These include the creation of a diversity commission to discuss and propose tools and measures to remove such bias and obstacles and to prevent waste of such highly qualified human capital, along with an equality plan to provide a model for research centres.

The CERCA centres diversity commission has drawn up a pioneering protocol to inform faculty, both men and women, that make up evaluation panels of the scientific data and theories that show bias in evaluation, which is particularly detrimental to women and which leads them to see evaluation as something hostile.

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