The Catalan Government approves the CERCA Institute programme contract and increases the budget for the 2020-2023 period


The Catalan Government has approved the signing of the addendum to the programme contract between the Generalitat de Catalunya and the CERCA Institute for the period 2020-2023, representing an increase of over 700,000 euros to its initial funding.

The purpose of the addendum is, firstly, to adapt to the new organisation of the Generalitat de Catalunya in terms of designating and determining the spheres of authority of Generalitat de Catalunya ministries and, secondly, to match the objectives and pillars set out in the Catalan Agreement on the Knowledge Society (PN@SC), approved by the Catalan Government

in 2020.

In the initially approved programme contract, in which the Ministries of Research and Universities, Health, Business and Labour, and Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda participate, contributions from the Generalitat de Catalunya to the CERCA Institute were set at 2,316,000 euros. This has now been raised to 3,026,000 euros in the new addendum to guarantee adequate funding for the Institute’s objectives.


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