We aim to optimise and support the CERCA system. We work in the organisation, control and economic supervision of the centres, legal issues, international presence, promotion of European policies, knowledge transfer, assessment, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, and the impact of research.


The good performance of CERCA centres has been verified through the CERCA assessment, which is on-going and now in its third cycle. This task, fully understood by the centres, helps improve our centres and raise our international standing thanks to assessors from all over the world who agree to participate in the panels.


The CERCA Institute is developing a data management strategy for the system of centres with the aim of facilitating and rationalising data infrastructures, working with European FAIR criteria and putting in place a data management plan appropriate for each centre and project.


Because of the need to coordinate efforts in the field of knowledge transfer, the CERCA Institute acts as a platform for coordinating and promoting the whole CERCA system.


This CERCA Institute initiative aims to help the development of people involved in the management structure of the centres, offering them a space to share and discuss currently relevant issues, challenges and good practices. 


This area of the CERCA Institute supports the centres in their international presence, both individually and collectively, with activities linked to the promotion of European policies and participation in international forums.


Women’s occupancy of high-level posts in science is not proportional to the number of women qualified to do so, and the number of women in leadership positions is stagnant or increasing very slowly.

To reverse this trend, the CERCA Institute has taken a firm approach to this issue, bringing in specific measures to encourage women’s participation in the system as well as the implementation of the gender perspective.


Research impact may be defined as a change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, that goes beyond the academic world.