Collaborating in the development of scientific infrastructures.

Purpose: to finance or co-finance actions for the acquisition of scientific and technological infrastructures for cooperative use. Two or more CERCA centers participate on it, and when appropriate, can do so other entities linked to the field of research.

Amount: 1.069.000 €

Beneficiaries: CERCA centres

Format: Competitive call

Financing: reference value of the participation of the CERCA centers: 250,000 € (not including possible co-financing)

Proposal evaluation criteria:

  • Singularitat (15%)
  • Collaboration scheme (10%)
  • Cofinancing (10%)
  • Expected impact (20%)
  • Infrastructure feasibility plan (15%)
  • Territorial location (30%)

Deadline: until January 25, 2024

Payment: at the signing of the agreement with the participants of the selected proposals.

Justification: Economic (Equipment invoices), External start-up certificate and Technical (Report, Follow-up).