Innovation in Social Science and Humanities

Plan to boost Knowledge transfer and Innovation in Social Sciences and Humanitites

The aim of the programme is to enhace knowledge transfer and innovation in social sciences and humanities centres from the CERCA System.

Due to the distinct areas of study of the Social Sciences, it is difficult to apply methods and strategies common to other fields of science in terms of transfer and innovation.

The plan is addressed to the seven CERCAs of this area and aims to identify the challenges, share good international practices, and design an action plan that will be developed during 2024.

CERCA has the strategic support of Dra. Jessica Meijer, Senior Business Developer on social Sciences, humanities & Arts at Luris, Leiden University knowledge Exchange office.

The programme to boost knowledge transfer in social sciences and humanities centres is part of the deployment of the Strategic Plan for innovation and knowledge transfer of the Direcció General de Transferència (Generalitat de Catalunya).

Transfer is central for making available to society the advances in research centres’ ecosystems.

The plan refers to centres of social sciences, humanities and art as transfer generators and enable projects with STEM and biohealth centres to build a dynamic ecosystem.


  • Training programme in transfer to social sciences and humanities CERCA centres.
  • Development of transfer action plans
  • Including transfer into centres strategic agenda