This area of the CERCA Institute supports the centres in their international presence, both individually and collectively, with activities linked to the promotion of European policies and participation in international forums.

Improving and upscaling primary prevention of cancer by addressing childhood obesity through implementation research

PREVENT aims to identify and overcome barriers in implementing effective strategies against childhood obesity.

Supporting cities in sustainable biobased systemic change

The aim of the CITISYSTEM project is to support cities in promoting the biobased circular economy by increasing specific actions in urban areas and involving the community in learning about the nutrient and energy flows of their closest environment.

Professionalisation programme for research management as a career choice

The increasing complexity and internationalisation of research in higher education means there is a recognised and growing need for research management professionals….
In 2019 the CERCA Institute signed a framework collaboration agreement with the National Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay (ANII) on researcher mobility.

The aim of the trip is to establish partnerships and new projects with R&D institutions in the country.

The meetings, which will have a major technical and institutional component, are expected to raise awareness of the importance of…

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