Impact of research

The CERCA Institute is committed to defining an overall RIA strategy for the entire CERCA system and implementing impact strategies based on each centre’s mission.

The year 2019 saw the first pilot programme to introduce the hub system into impact narratives as a form of accountability to society. The challenge was to meet the growing need to legitimise science and its social value while justifying investment in science.

The programme has an advisory board (RIAAB) chaired by Dr David Phipps of York University (Toronto, Canada). The RIAAB’s main objective is to contribute to an impact strategy in the pursuit of success by analysing and monitoring how impact processes are organised in centres and in the CERCA system.

The RIAAB reports its activities to the director of the CERCA Institute and its Board of Trustees. RIAAB, which is connected to international efforts in research impact assessment (RIA), will provide leadership to advise the CERCA Institute on developing proposals to create impact capacity and training actions, the CERCA system research impact strategy and regular RIA exercises.

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