Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren honoured with prestigious Rei Jaume I Award in Basic Research

CERCA system
  • This award recognizes the great contribution of the research group leader at ICIQ-CERCA in the field of organic chemistry and catalysis.

Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren, senior group leader at ICIQ-CERCA and scientific director of the Severo Ochoa Programme at the Institute, has been awarded with the prestigious Rei Jaume I Award in recognition of his innovative contributions to the field of chemistry. This recognition, widely regarded as one of the highest scientific honours in Spain, highlights the exceptional achievements and outstanding research work of Prof. Echavarren in the field of catalysis.

The recognition awarded to Prof. Echavarren highlights his work in the field of catalysis and his important contribution to the development of efficient synthetic methodologies, such as gold-catalyzed reactions, which have expanded knowledge in the field of organic chemistry. His innovative contributions have revolutionized the field, opening new possibilities for the synthesis of complex organic compounds and drugs.

Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren


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