CERCA centres and the Natural Resources Institute of Finland sign a partnership agreement

The agreement signed this week with the Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE) is aimed at submitting European projects jointly to Horizon Europe calls for proposals, especially in the fields of life sciences, bioeconomy, forestry, agri-food and ecology. CERCA centres and LUKE will also work on research data management policies, technology transfer and other cross-cutting issues affecting research and innovation management.

The agreement includes the possibility of opening mobility programmes for research staff, co-organising workshops and symposia on topics of mutual interest and, especially, exchanging experiences in research assessment.

A CERCA delegation plans to visit the LUKE facilities in Finland in the near future, and Finnish researchers plan to do the same before the end of the year.

The LUKE is a research institute whose aim is to promote the bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources, linked to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

CERCA centres support Ukrainian research

The CERCA system of Catalonia’s research centres currently includes 42 centres employing around 12,000 people. It is now a European leader in research and innovation excellence.

The CERCA system opposes all forms of war to resolve disagreements between people, countries or regions. There is no rational justification for loss of human life through war.

We condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has resulted in so many deaths and numbers of displaced people, forced to leave their lives and their country behind.

Furthermore, this war is also a direct threat to the lives of people in Ukraine’s scientific community and the future of Ukrainian science.

The CERCA centres support the initiatives promoted by other European research institutions and we intend to carry out various actions to support them, to prevent a lost generation of scientists in this country.