Engineering and Architecture


e-culture, e-education, e-health, Internet architecture, Optical networking




Government of Catalonia – Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) – Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) – Ramon Llull University (URL) – Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (CCMA) – Information Technologies and Telecommunications Centre – Centre for Innovation and Business Development (ACC1Ó-CIDEM) – Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) – Barcelona City Council – Tradia (AbertisTelecom) – Al-Pi Telecomunicacions – MEDIApro – Alcatel España, S.A. – Fujitsu España Services S.A. – Vodafone España, S.A. – CiscoSystems, S.A. – Interoute Iberia, S.A.U. – Cromosoma TV Produccions – Juniper Networks – Catalan Telecommunications Technology Centre – Catalan Institute of Photonic Sciences




Campus Nord de la UPC – Gran Capità, 2-4, 2ª planta – 08034 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 553 2510

In-network research and innovation

The work of the i2CAT research centre focuses on technological developments for the Internet of the future.

Its main goal is to create, develop and transfer to industry and society new Internet tools, developing a new network of networks that is ever more widespread, rapid, open to all kinds of information, that penetrates across all economic and social activities and allows communication between people, physical devices and nature.

i2CAT is based on a partnership between the university, the government, businesses and users to carry out strategic research into advanced Internet networks, services and new applications. Its experimental infrastructures include a network and audiovisual platform that forms the heart of its research and innovation, providing the physical interconnection between all those involved, both in Spain and internationally.