Scientists in power!


The creativity, strategy, perseverance and planning that go into research are the perfect toolbox we need in politics.

I have always thought that the work of scientists trains effective and well-rounded people because they are used to putting rationality first and questioning sources, facts and so on. It generates a blast-proof critical sense that is useful in thousands of issues beyond science.

This brings a question to mind: why is politics so lacking in research, so uncritical, so irrational, with so many hidden agendas and often conducted behind citizens’ backs?

I sincerely believe that people who have gone through research institutions, regardless of their ideology, would do good work in the community they serve if some were to enter politics. I encourage them to do so because I am convinced they would. The creativity, strategy, perseverance and planning that go into research are the perfect toolbox we need in politics.

I therefore address political parties, all of them, and humbly recommend they promote well educated people and give them the autonomy to work for the public.
In fact, there have been such cases in the history of our country, Catalonia, and also in Spain. And the balance sheet is an interesting one. In Germany, for example, Angela Merkel was a leading researcher before she put her heart (and brain) into running her country. Possibly, despite having lived through difficult times, these are people that have made an effort to build and avoid greater evils, maintaining, as far as I know, their integrity in their work in government.

I therefore insist on this recommendation. We need investigative politicians. Let’s open all doors to them and help them do good work.


Lluís Rovira

Biòleg. Doctor per la Universitat de Barcelona (1998) i Màster MDAE de l’IBEI (2015). Director de la I-CERCA des de 2011. — Biologist. PhD from the University of Barcelona (1998) and MDAE Master from the IBEI (2015). Director of Institució CERCA since 2011.

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