2021 Report

The year about to end will be seen as a turning point in the evolution of the CERCA Institute. Obtaining the first positive results in the European Commission Horizon Europe calls for applications and funding from the General State Budget for the CERCAGINYS project will undoubtedly mark the an advance in the institute in coming years.

We may safely say that the initial CERCA Institute instrument for implementing a common policy of action as a core benchmark for research centres is now consolidated and has evolved coherently toward a system of research centres in Catalonia (the CERCA system), with more in common with the French and German models of centre systems.

Ombudsperson operating regulations

The actions of the CERCA Ombudsperson are aimed at ensuring compliance with the CERCA Code of Conduct, preventing irregularities in the CERCA system and providing young researchers with a framework to generate trust in compliance with rules

2020 Report

The system has now reached a degree of maturity, making it time to move towards more ambitious positions and bring us closer to what we would like to be. Believing we can have a system of centres similar to the Max Planck Society should not be a chimera or a dream, but our goal.

Viewing the centres as a whole has always been CERCA’s aim. It will surely be a source of joy to all research centres in Catalonia, which, it should be remembered, are deeply embedded in the Catalan university system.

2019 Report

This year we have seen how the CERCA Institute as a whole has become the eighth-ranking institution in receiving funding for EU Horizon 2020 projects. Thanks to the databases the Commission opened some time ago, we have been able to see how the CERCA centres, taken together, have become a major
attractor of European funds.

2018 Report

The year 2018 began with an unprecedented and extraordinary event, the restrictive application of
Article 155 to Generalitat de Catalunya public sector institutions by the Spanish
State. Not only the CERCA Institute but also most CERCA centres were affected.

Nevertheless, efforts were made to ensure activity did not decline but continued to grow in quality and
quantity. But these events must be set down in writing to ensure they remain in our memory.

2017 Report

A few days ago I was talking to an assessor from Israel, who said to me, “for research to flourish there needs to be a favourable environment in which everyone feels their creativity is allowed to flourish.” Well, let everyone judge for themselves our creative environment in 2017 and what produced it.