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José Carreras International Foundation for the Fight against Leukemia, Government of Catalonia, Badalona City Council, University of Barcelona (UB), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)




Muntaner, 383, 3er – 08021 Barcelona
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For a leukaemia-free future

Leukaemia, along with other malignant haemopathies, is one of the most important challenges in the study and treatment of cancer among humans. In fact, it has represented and continues to represent a form of cancer that is curable. Therefore it is not surprising that the two cancers from which at present a large percentage of patients recover are acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in children and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However, one in four children suffering from leukaemia dies, as well as half of adult patients.

That is why the José Carreras International Foundation, along with the government, is launching an unprecedented project: The first research centre in Spain focusing exclusively on leukaemia and other haemotological diseases, and one of the few in existence in the world.

A commitment to the patient is the raison d’être of the José Carreras International Foundation for the Fight against Cancer and, as such, it is imperative the efforts already being made in scientific research focused on leukaemia and other malignant haemopathies be strengthened.